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Meet The Team


Cuong Nguyen
Co-Founder - Tax Specialist

Cuong Nguyen has more than 10 years practical experience in a variety of business and individual tax consulting. He has been successfully saving thousand of dollars for his clients' business. Working as bookkeeper and tax preparer, Cuong Nguyen is able to interact with a wide range of small and medium size businesses. With enhanced numerical and quantitative skills, he can deal with all aspects of finance and taxation. His priorities are giving effective solutions  for their tax situations so that his clients can satisfy with the firm service.


Phuc-Hai Huynh

Co-Founder - Informative Technology Consultant

Phuc Hai Huynh is an experienced software architect with more than 10-year history of working as a software engineer in the technology industry. He achieved his BS. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley, and MS. of Computer Science from Georgia Tech. His passion is applying technology solutions to improve productiveness and effectiveness of a business. Currently, he is a lead software engineer at Mobivity Holdings Corp., where he contributes most of his time on designing and developing a marketing platform which attracts more customers to franchise businesses like Subway, Supercuts, and many more. 


Hanna Chau Nguyen

Co-Founder - Business Management Consultant

Hanna Chau Nguyen is a professional Business Management, with plenty of consulting experience for small and medium size business in the restaurant, retail, and many other industries. Graduated from San Diego State University, with the high honor BS degree in Business Administration, she has been equipped with wide knowledge in developing business strategies, improving business operations, and managing all on-site Human Resources. She is highly skilled in aligning business initiatives with performance and developing methods, plans to implement, and evaluate progress and goals for start ups. Beside working as a business consultant, she is also a member of SHRM - Society of Human Resource Management.

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